Who We Are

We specialize in short investor pitch videos. Management has nearly 30 years’ experience in financial media and investor relations. We organize the script, directing, voice talent, graphic designers and 3D animators. When investor lead generation is mission-critical, make the ultimate first impression with Elevator Expressed.

Video is listed #1 in a 36-point checklist for equity crowdfunding. Campaigns with a pitch video raise 4 times more funds than campaigns without one. The final product is better when the business plan is complete pre-production. We can help with this at MSRplans.

When the forecasts and business plans are solid, we can discuss the production of a pitch video. The audiovisual canvas is unlimited, but it is best to keep it under a minute. We’ll start with your elevator pitch, and then reimagine what it could be with visual accompaniment. This will manifest into a storyboard, which will be subject to additional editing. We will utilize your existing artwork, license stock media assets, and create new images, video, or animation as required. After the pieces come together, we conduct extensive post-editing. The importance of your pitch video cannot be overstated, and our attention to detail will produce a clean, succinct presentation your supporters will love to share.