Elevator Expressed produces short, custom animated elevator pitches. Its services are ideal for companies raising over $100,000.

Mass investor exposure today requires effective and concise video. Elevator Expressed satisfies investors’ desire for a short video pitch while giving you, the issuer, a media asset that can finally be shared publically.


Reg D 506(c) allows for the unprecedented opportunity for companies to advertise their offering, provided their investors are thoroughly verified to be accredited. Investors are busy and see a lot of deals. They are asking more frequently for companies to submit a short video for initial consideration.


This is the fastest, most impactful means to captivate your audience and make an exceptional first impression! Intrigue prospects to conduct further due diligence with a professional investor video. Your vignette also demonstrates rare sensitivity to investors’ time constraints, while other entrepreneurs contribute to their information overload.  Companies often attract new investors through existing investors, who are partial to sharing brief, well-composed presentations with their friends. Using Elevator Expressed demonstrates your market intelligence and leaves investors wanting more.

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